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Tony Judt, Postwar

· 31 December 2012 |  by Maarten
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Tony Judt, PostwarPostwar
A History of Europe Since 1945

Tony Judt


Eerste uitgave:
The Penguin Press, 2005
878 pagina’s, gebonden
isbn: 9781594200656

Tony Judt’s Postwar is cause for celebration. The product of a decade’s labor, it is sweeping narrative history in the grand tradition, a deeply learned and absorbing chronicle of Europe since the fall of Berlin, weaving East and West, North and South, into a majestic sixty-year tapestry studded with brilliant new insight.

Tony Judt has drawn on forty years of reading and writing about modern Europe to craft this account of the continent’s remarkable journey—tumultuous and uneven—out of the devastation of history’s most savage war. While his range his vast, and seemingly no country, no vital theme, no crucial individual, no watershed event fails to get its moment in the narrative sun, Postwar is the very opposite of the dutiful plod. Animated and propelled by the celebrated force of its author’s point of view, it is never less than brilliant. Witty, opinionated and full of fresh and surprising stories and asides, visually rich and rewarding, with useful and provocative maps, photos and cartoons, Postwar is a rare joy for lovers of history and lovers of Europe alike, a show from which one exits, dazzled, into the present moment, with much mental furniture rearranged, if not smashed into kindling, and all of Europe indelibly in mind.


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