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Ryszard Kapuscinski, The Other

· 24 June 2013 |  by Janantoon
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Ryszard Kapuściński, The OtherThe Other

Ryszard Kapuściński


taal: Engels
gepubliceerd door: Verso
eerste editie: 2008
bindwijze: gebonden
isbn: 9781844673285
pagina’s: 100

verworven via: Massolit Books, Krakau

Accumulated from a lifetime of travel, these late reflections by the great journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski take afresh look at the Western idea of the Other. Looking at this concept through the lens of his own encounters in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and considering its formative significance for his own work, Kapuscinski traces how the West has understood the non-European from classical times to the present day.
In our globalized but increasingly polarized world, Kapuscinski shows how the Other remains one of the most compelling ideas of our times.


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