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Romeyn Beck Hough, The Woodbook

· 19 June 2014 |  by Janantoon
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Romeyn Beck Hough, WoodbookThe Woodbook

Romeyn Beck Hough
Klaus Ulrich Leistikow & Holger Thüs


taal: Engels, Duits, Frans
gepubliceerd door: Taschen
deze editie: 2013
bindwijze: hardback
isbn: 9783836536035
pagina’s: 766

verworven via: Taschen Brussel

Taschen’s Woodbook is a beautiful facsimile of American Woods. Romeyn Beck Hough culled and assembled between 1888 and 1913 specimens of hundreds of American trees and published them in 14 volumes with real specimens.
For all trees, three different cross-section cuts of wood are represented (radial, horizontal, and vertical), demonstrating the particular characteristics of the grain and the wealth of colors and textures to be found among the many different wood types. Also included in this special edition are lithographs by Charles Sprague Sargent of the leaves and nuts of most trees, as well as texts describing the trees’ geographical origins and physical characteristics.
Read also Jessica Pigza’s article on the website of New York Public Library.

Dit is een facsimile editie van Romeyn Beck Hough’s 14-delige uitgave American trees. Tussen 1888 en 1913 verzamelde hij specimen van honderden Amerikaanse bomen en publiceerde ze met telkens drie echte houtstrips per boom: kopse snede, dosse gezaagd en op kwartier gezaagd.

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