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Richard Rorty died on June 8th 2007

· 13 June 2007 |  by Janantoon
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Richard Rorty died on Friday June 8th 2007. German philosopher Jürgen Habermas wrote an obituary for the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Among contemporary philosophers, I know of none who equalled Rorty in confronting his colleagues – and not only them – over the decades with new perspectives, new insights and new formulations. This awe-inspiring creativity owes much to the Romantic spirit of the poet who no longer concealed himself behind the academic philosopher. And it owes much to the unforgettable rhetorical skill and flawless prose of a writer who was always ready to shock readers with unaccustomed strategies of representation, unexpected oppositional concepts and new vocabularies – one of Rorty’s favourite terms. Rorty’s talent as an essayist spanned the range from Friedrich Schlegel to Surrealism.

See the complete article in English here.
Read as well the New York Times obituary by Patricia Cohen.

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