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Raimond Gaita, The Philosopher’s Dog

· 1 January 2003 |  by Janantoon
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Raimond Gaita, The Philosopher's DogThe Philosopher’s Dog

Raimond Gaita


taal: Engels
gepubliceerd door: Routledge
eerste editie:
gedrukt: 2001
verworven: 2003
bindwijze: gebonden
isbn: 0415309077
verworven via: Limerick

“Rai Gaita is a dog-lover, a philosopher and a gifted, sensitive writer. In this immensely readable and enjoyable book, he mixes the personal with the philosophical and the anecdotal with the profound to produce a series of illuminattng reflections on what it means to be a creature and, more importantly, what it means to be fully human. It is a great pleasure to read and should not be missed by anyone who still hopes to find in the works of philosophers things that are both interesting and important.” Ray Monk on the dust-jacket. This is really interesting and very readable. But readability is deceptive, because the philosophical message about ‘creatureliness’ is rather difficult.

See also my text about this book.


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