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Nick Cohen, What’s Left?

· 3 November 2013 |  by Maarten
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Nick Cohen, What's Left?What’s Left?
How the Left Lost Its Way

Nick Cohen


Deze uitgave:
Harper Perennial, 2007
422 pagina’s, paperback
isbn: 9780007229703

Oorspronkelijke uitgave:
Fourth Estate, 2007

Flailing in a quagmire of mashed-up values and watered-down principles, the Left now defends fascists and champions a crippling cultural relativism that preaches ‘tolerance’ at the expense of justice, truth and freedom.

In this scorching polemic, Nick Cohen smashes his way through the political rubble left by the crumbling values of the old Left with his fearless exploration of their responses to some of the worst global crises seen this century — his aim? To discover: What’s Left?


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