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Mike Berners-Lee, How Bad Are Bananas?

· 28 February 2013 |  by Maarten
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Mike Berners-Lee, How Bad Are Bananas?How Bad Are Bananas?
The Carbon Footprint of Everything

Mike Berners-Lee


Eerste uitgave:
Profile Books Ltd, 2010
240 pagina’s, paperback
isbn: 9781846688911

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We all want to do the right thing for the planet, but what’s the real impact of each of the things we do and buy? We hear a lot about driving and flying, but what about sending a text message, buying a cappuccino or going for a swim? How do apples compare to oranges or bananas, buying a newspaper with surfing the internet, or cut flowers with house plants? And what about the big things? How much CO2 is generated by a bushfire, a volcano, or a war?

Packed full of information yet always entertaining, How Bad Are Bananas? comes up with the answers we need and provides plenty of revelations. Be warned: everything you thought you knew about green living is about to be turned on its head.


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