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Mark Lynas, Six Degrees

· 27 July 2013 |  by Maarten
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Mark Lynas, Six DegreesSix Degrees
Our Future On a Hotter Planet

Mark Lynas


Eerste uitgave:
Harper Perennial, 2007
346 pagina’s, paperback
isbn: 89780007209057

Entire nations are uninhabitable. Entire populations have been wiped out. Arid land cracks and peels in some areas of the globe. In others, deluges of flood water ravage the earth. Welcome to a world six degrees warmer. Welcome to our future.

In this explosive book Mark Lynas investigates scientists’ claims that the next century will see global temperatures rise between one and six degrees, with devastating results. As the temperature creeps up degree by degree, chapter by chapter, Lynas takes us through these six stages of global warming and issues a global warning: act now, or risk mass extinction.

Truly vital reading, Six Degrees shows us a way to forge a new world before it’s too late.


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