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Marina Lewycka, Two Caravans

· 19 June 2010 |  by Maarten
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Marina Lewycka, Two CaravansTwo Caravans

Marina Lewycka


Deze uitgave:
Penguin, 2008
310 pagina’s, paperback
isbn: 9780141026992

Oorspronkelijke uitgave:
Fig Tree, 2007

A field of strawberries in Kent…

And sitting in it are two caravans — one for the men and one for the women. The residents are from all over: miner’s son Andriy is from the old Ukraine, while sexy young Irina is from the new: they eye each other warily. There are the Poles, Tomasz and Yola; two Chinese girls; and Emanuel from Malawi. They’re all here to pick strawberries in England’s green and pleasant land.

But these days England’s not so pleasant for immigrants. Not with Russian gangster-wannabes like Vulk, who’s taken a shine to Irina and thinks kidnapping is a wooing strategy. And so Andriy — who really doesn’t fancy Irina, honest — must set off in search of that girl he’s not in love with.


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