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JM Coetzee, The Childhood of Jesus

· 18 April 2013 |  by Janantoon
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JM Coetzee, The Childhood of JesusThe Childhood of Jesus

JM Coetzee


taal: Engels
gepubliceerd door: Harvill Secker
eerste editie: 2013
bindwijze: bibliotheekband
isbn: 9781846557262
pagina’s: 277

verworven via: Paard van Troje, Gent

After crossing oceans, a man and a boy arrive in a new land. Here they are each assigned a name and an age, and held in a camp in the desert while they learn Spanish, the language of their new country. As Simon and David they make their way to the relocation centre in the city of Novilla, where officialdom treats them politely but not necessarily helpfully.
Simon finds a job in a grain wharf. The work is unfamiliar and backbreaking, but he soon warms to his stevedore comrades, who during breaks conduct philosophical dialogues on the dignity of labour, and generally take him to their hearts.

Now he must set about his task of locating the boy’s mother. Though like everyone else who arrives in this new country he seems to be washed clean of all traces of memory, he is convinced he will know her when he sees her. And indeed, while walking with the boy in the countryside Simon catches sight of a woman he is certain is the mother, and persuades her to assume the role.

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