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Isaiah Berlin

· 18 October 2010 |  by Janantoon
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I have been reading Isaiah Berlin lately. Last year I read Michael Ignatieff’s splendid biography Isaiah Berlin, A Life. Earlier this year I read the first part of Berlin’s letters: Flourishing. At the moment I am reading the second volume of his letters, Enlightening.

Reading his biography and his letters, one can only get more captured by this extraordinary man. Luckily I found this very interesting website about Isaiah Berlin, hosted by Wolfson College and maintained by his hard-working editor Henry Hardy. One of the interesting features is an extensive catalogue of — I suppose — everything written by and on Berlin.
This catalogue also gives a list of broadcasts. And some of these are even to be found on Youtube. I present you here the first part of an interview by Stuart Hampshire. The interview lasts about an hour and is divided in six episodes. If you want to see them all, you open Youtube and type “going to tamper” in the search box.

It is lovely to see and hear him speak in his idiosyncratic use of the English language.

Isaiah Berlin


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