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Henry Moore’s Sheep

· 7 September 2006 |  by Janantoon
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In 2006 Barcelona hosted a wonderful exhibition of Henry Moore’s sculptures. For me this was the most important motivation to make a short journey to this vibrant city. The exhibition was beautiful. I will never get tired of Moore’s work.
The Fundación “la Caixa” also features a small but very fine bookshop (managed by bookshops Laie). There I bought this lovely book: Henry Moore’s Sheep Sketchbook. My wife wondered: “are you now buying a book with only sheep in it?”
Indeed, only sheep. Because this is a facsimile edition of his sketchbook. At the time one of his neighbours, next to his studio, had a lot of sheep. And Moore saw them every day and became fascinated and started drawing. I think he really gives them a character of their own. Like the one in the picture. She looks as if thinking: “What do you want? What’s your problem? Don’t touch my lamb!”
It is obvious to me that Moore was drawing these animals with respect. Somewhat like the creatureliness philosophy of Raimond Gaita (The Philosopher’s Dog).

Anita Feldman Bennet Henry Moore

In de prachtige tentoonstelling te Barcelona bewonderde ik al Henry Moore’s grafisch werk naast zijn prachtige beelden. Ik kocht er onder andere ook dit boekje, Henry Moore’s Sheep Sketchbook, en mijn vrouw zei al “koop je nu een boek met alleen maar schapen in?”
Inderdaad, met alleen maar schapen in. Prachtige schetsen, indringende portretten van deze stille en wollige medebewoners. Moore slaagt er in hen persoonlijkheid te geven en zoals in de tekening hierboven een blik die zegt “wat moet jij? wat ga je doen? wat ben jij voor iets? kom niet aan mijn lam!”.
Moore tekent deze dieren met respect. Een houding die me deed denken aan de creatureliness filosofie van Raimond Gaita in The Philosopher’s Dog.

Meer Henry Moore.


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