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György Ligeti, Metamorphoses nocturnes

· 2 February 2014 |  by Janantoon
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György Ligeti, Metamorphoses nocturnesMetamorphoses nocturnes
György Ligeti

uitvoerders: Quatuor Béla

opgenomen: 2013
editie: æon
nummer: 3760058360323

This disc brings together the string quartets of György Ligeti, who died in 2006. They are played by the Béla Quartet, quite young yet already past masters in the interpretation of this music and especially appreciated for their work of precision and refinement, commitment, homogeneity and musicality. In their playing, energy and subtlety alternate constantly in an ongoing search for colours, harmonies, rhythms and contrasts. These two works of rare intensity, sometimes blazing brilliantly, allow for understanding how Ligeti’s music, regardless of its complexity and rigour, can nonetheless appeal to a very broad public. Here, creation and daring are constant.

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