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Corey Robin, Fear

· 3 November 2013 |  by Janantoon
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Corey Robin, FearFear
The History of a Political Idea

Corey Robin


taal: Engels
gepubliceerd door: Oxford University Press
eerste editie: 2004
bindwijze: gebonden
isbn: 9780195157024
pagina’s: 316

verworven via: Abebooks

Corey Robin on Jacobin Magazine:

Political fear is universal, but its language is particular. Racism is one language of fear; risk assessment is another. There is little doubt, however, that security — whether national or domestic — is the most potent and pervasive language of all.

Security is the one good, political theorists like John Dunn and Bernard Williams agree, that the state must provide. It has the ability, like no other argument, to mobilize the resources and attention of the state and its citizens. It has arguably inspired — and, in the case of nuclear deterrence, certainly threatened — more devastation and destruction than any other ideology of the modern era.

It has also provided the single most effective and enduring justification for the suppression of rights. Why that is so — why security has furnished what appears to be the strongest reason for eliminating or otherwise limiting rights — is the question I’d like to address here.


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